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Minimise chemical use and energy in aeration

Ensuring aeration levels are correct is a critical step in wastewater processing, as aeration is vital for delivering a significant improvement in water quality, while minimising the need for more chemical intensive processes.


Aer+ Optimiser is designed to help you optimise aeration levels in order to provide a significant improvement in water quality. By ensuring this critical step in wastewater processing is optimised, you can minimise the need for more chemical-intensive processes.

Aer+ Optimiser is a tailored application to help water operators to better manage and optimise aeration. It provides automatic recommendations to ensure treatment plants have the right oxygen levels to optimise waste sludge removal, wastewater quality, and ammonia production.

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It is also designed to help make aeration more energy efficient, and to help reduce greenhouse emissions.

  • A first in fully automated real-time digital bioreactor twins

  • Increase process performance while reducing aeration energy

  • Enable your circular economy strategy for energy and residuals

  • Identify opportunities for optimization automatically without the need for additional instrumentation

  • Target specific energy, quality or process goals automatically

  • Use real-time data to generate operational scenarios and predict process outcomes

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